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tales come to you guys. They quietly sneak into the room and evoke you like good wizards, wonderful dreams, fairy tale writers, storytellers sail with Thumbelina on a sheet of water lilies. Love you forever captivate courageous and gentle Little Mermaid, the love that makes her immortal. But most of all fairy tales and fun safely break into the world of our children, teach you to understand people, to help understand what is Justice, Truth, Beauty and Love.
Also on the site are presented with legends, myths, epics of the world. And the most famous works of Russian and foreign writers, storytellers such as Leo Tolstoy, V. Garshin, Pushkin, Chukovski, S. Marshak, Ershov, The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, B. Gough and many others. Illustrations for the works made ​​by famous artists.
So, good luck guys - Roads




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